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Woman sits in an incline bench, readying two 50 pound dumbbells as she looks downWoman, let from above, holds two dumbbells as she twists to the side, showing defined musclesView of woman from behind as she does a pull up, showing her highly defined back musclesHeavily muscled and well-defined man in his 50's stands in the middle of a gym with his shirt offVery muscular and defined older man rests between sets of bench press.Heavily muscled older man with no shirt on, does biceps curl while looking in the mirrorHeavily muscled and well defined older man doing rope curls with no shirt on.Heavily muscled older man exercising on a cable crossover machinefit woman in spandex shorts and tank top in front of grey backgroundFemale fitness model in spandex shorts and top in front of white backgroundfit woman in spandex shorts and tank top against a brick wall in this black and white photo.Fit woman leans on workout bench with dumbbell in hand with workout equipment in the backgroundMuscular woman performing deadlifts in a dark gymVery fit woman in a dark gym, stand with one foot on a barbellmuscular and defined woman stands with her hand on her hip in this black and white photo.