Fitness Photography by LMJ Creative of Colorado Springs

muscular and defined woman stands with her hand on her hip in this black and white photo.


Yeah, this is definitely more my thing than Lisa’s. At one time I even had aspirations of becoming a professional bodybuilder.  I actually qualified for NPC Teen Nationals when I was 17, but it turns out life had other plans for me.

My butt may have had a hard time finding it’s way into the gym over the years, but my heart never left. Hundreds of issues of bodybuilding magazines have left their impression on my photographic mind. I could spend the rest of my career shooting men and women involved in the fitness industry and be completely happy.

I approach my work as an art form, much as bodybuilders, bikini, fitness, figure, and physique competitors approach building their bodies. I know my way around a gym, and have an easy time finding the angles that showcase each body the best. 

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